7 Ideas for Green Spaces For Small Patios


7 Ideas for Green Spaces For Small Patios


Homlovely.com -- Do you have unused land at the back of your house? Improve it! Make it into a lovely, shady patio. After a long day outside, it will be wonderful to unwind on a cozy patio with a cup of coffee with your loved ones. Don't worry if you only have a small space; it can still be transformed into the cozy small patio you've always wanted.

A cozy and shady patio can also help to cool and brighten up the surrounding air. Don't be afraid to explore. With these "7 Ideas for Green Spaces For Small Patios", you can create the patio of your dreams. Are you curious? Let's check this out!

Small Patio with Tent Built-In



You can try to create a garden at the back of the house in a small space, with the addition of a comfortable lounge area. To get a shady lounge without spending a lot of money on building an enclosed space, try the following idea. Simply use an integrated awning to keep your space shaded during the day. You can also add decorative lights to make it stand out at night.

Green and Cozy Patio in a Small Space



Try this idea if you only have a small space. Make a cozy lil patio in the back of the house. Add some plants in pots to make it more appealing, preferably plants that are easy to care for. Then add decorative lighting and swing chairs with soft cushions. Definitely very attractive! It's ideal for reading a book while sipping a cup of hot tea here.

Patio with a cozy sofa


Try these patio ideas if you have a large family. A patio that is not too large but still comfortable for gatherings and family time. Make a garden in the back of the house with various green plants. Then, in the center, create a relaxing space with a unique sofa like the one shown above, a lantern-shaped chandelier, and a cozy carpet.

Unique Leter L-shaped Patio


Do you have a small area at the back and side of your home? Try transforming it into this one-of-a-kind small patio. You can make the available land greener by adding fine grass and planting various beautiful plants. Then, as shown above, add a relaxing spot such as a wooden garden chair in an L-shaped corner. Make it more comfortable by adding some soft cushions.

Small Patio with Minimalist Dry Garden


Do you want a green patio but don't want it to look unkempt? This idea of a dry garden will work for you. The dry garden shown in the reference image above is simple but eye catching. Make a flower bed out of concrete blocks, then plant low-maintenance plants like cacti and aloevera. Add concrete minimalist chairs and garden lights as well.

Simple Patio in an Outdoor Space


This concept is ideal for those of you who want a patio that is simple and does not require much maintenance. Take a look at the reference image above; it's simple and yet still green, right? Make a flower bed or a vertical garden for your plant collection. Then, in the center, place a garden chair with a small table. Isn't it warm and inviting? Add some hanging decorative lights to make it more appealing at night.

A Shady and Green Little Picnic Spot


Last but not least, you can try this unique concept. If you and your family enjoy spending time together, consider adding a small picnic area to your home to add to the warmth. Make a comfortable lounge area with chairs and tables, and include a grill. Plant soft grass along the area for a shady feel, then use the wall to create a vertical garden. 


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