7 Plants That You Can Grow In Water From The Cutting


Homlovely.com -  Indoor plants can not always live in the soil medium. There are some plants that can also grow in an aquatic medium. Plants that grow in water require less maintenance because they are less susceptible to pests and diseases. In addition, you do not have to bother to water houseplants regularly. There are many plants that can grow in water from cuttings. So you can easily cultivate it simply by cutting the stem of the plant and then put it in water, then the plant will grow well.

1. Monstera

Ursula carmona

Monstera has shiny green leaves with unique gaps and holes. This plant can be grown from the cutting and by using water planting media. You can use several types of pots from beautiful old bottles. For the treatment itself you can simply change the water when it looks cloudy. Then clean the roots and cut off the decayed leaves.

2. Spider Plant 


Spider plants have a long and thin leaf shape with green and white on the edges of the leaves. This plant can grow in water because it is easy to care for. To use water planting media you can change the water every three or five days. This spider plant loves bright light. Then you can also add small stones in the water pot so that the roots can stick to the stones.

3. Lucky Bamboo

the spruce

This bamboo can grow in water you simply cut the bamboo stem then put it in water planting media. Add pebbles or colorful stones or one color that will add aesthetic value. You can use a jar with a size that is adjusted to the size of the plants planted.

4. Rubber Plant

mama botanica

Rubber plants that have leaves of considerable size with an intense green color can also grow from cutting. You simply do the cutting on the stem of this rubber plant then put into the water then after 2-3 weeks will grow roots. You can use a pot that matches the size of the plant used.

5. Jade Plant 

balcony garden 

Jade plant is a plant that has the form of small and dense leaves. This plant can be grown by cutting and using water growing medium.  You can use a jar of suitable size. Care of this plant is quite easy. You can also add liquid fertilizer to make it more fertile and well-groomed.

6. English Ivy 

real simple

English ivy is easily propagated in water. Take a plant clipper, cut the stem of the plant below the knot, and soak it in water for up to two weeks to take root. Once the shoots are visible, plant the tendrils into the soil to grow.

7. Fiddle Leaf Fig

perth plant studio 

Fiddle Leaf Fig plants are popular as indoor or indoor ornamental plants because they provide strong architectural accents. In addition, the leaves are shaped like a violin also attract attention. This plant can be grown in water by cutting the stem along the 15 cm then put into a bottle containing water growing medium.

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