Small House Design Ideas That Have Beautiful and Natural - A house with a natural but beautiful concept can make the house look spacious. The house with a small size has a beautiful appearance by using various ornaments and decorations used. Houses that use white dominance color looks beautiful when combined with minimalist and modern furniture. For more details you can see the detail design below.

Facade Design 

The facade of the house with a simple and elegant look is displayed from the corner of the existing room. This minimalist corner of the room can emphasize the concept of this small house. For the roof of this house using a gable roof so that it can make the atmosphere in the house cooler and prevent leakage.

Living Room Design 

The living room using this white sofa bed looks beautiful and comfortable. The living room equipped with large plants in the corner of the room makes the look more fresh and cool. This plant can also be beneficial as purifying the air. You can use lights with dim colors so as to create comfort in the House.

Kitchen and Dining Room Design 

This kitchen and dining room has a small design but can be maximized in its use. Kitchen that uses white and in combination with natural colors. The kitchen is also equipped with a window that can be opened and closed as an air vent. This kitchen also has a suction device so as to make the room not stuffy.

The Concept of a Room Without Partitions

The concept of a room that does not use this partition makes the room look wider. You can maximize the function of any existing room. This house is also equipped with an loft using a strong and sturdy wooden material ladder. Do not forget you also need to add plants in the room to make it look fresher. Lighting the room by using light color lights can also make the illusion of a larger room.

Bedroom Design

The bedroom located in the loft has a fairly large size. The bedroom using a white mattress in combination with a blanket motif makes the look more attractive. This bedroom is also equipped with a mirror placed on the wall. This mirror can also make the room look bigger. You can also add plants and also a transparent roof so that during the day you get maximum lighting and at night you see a beautiful view of the sky.

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