The Cozy Corrales Tiny House


The Cozy Corrales Tiny House -- Corrales is a village in Sandoval, New Mexico, in the United States. Instead of becoming a metropolitan area, the area has retained its natural rural appearance. The houses of the residents are also included in this country-side look. As a result, the majority of the houses are made of wood and have a traditional rustic design.

Are you interested in these Corrales homes? If that's the case, "The Cozy Corrales Tiny House" will give you an idea of what a cozy and warm country house looks like. Are you interested? Let's take a look!

Front Side Of The House


Corrales, as you might expect, is located in a picturesque rural setting. A highlight is the view of green areas, trees, and mountains that is not available in urban areas. It would be wonderful to retire and spend our golden years here. This house is designed to look like a typical rural wood house in the country. 

The house is also slightly elevated, and there is a staircase in front of it. This house also makes use of wooden poles. The use of glass windows and doors with frames enhances the appearance of this home. The yard of the house was then planted with smooth green grass, with the addition of a checkerboard-shaped natural stone path.

Living Room


When we first walk into this house, we are greeted by this inviting living room. This living room receives plenty of natural light thanks to its large windows. The room is also warmly designed, with earth tone colors from the various pieces of furniture. 

The soft L-shaped sofa and colorful cushions make us feel at ease sitting and relaxing here. A rocking chair and some small ornamental plants, such as succulents, can help to reinforce the country-side theme. Warm yellowish lamps can be used as lighting.



Although rarely used, the bathroom remains an important part of the home. This is where we relax after a long day of activity by cleaning our bodies. As a result, we must also consider its design and comfort. 

This room, which retains a classic country-style concept, is also dominated by warm wood tones and wall tiles. Placing a large mirror in the sink can be a visually appealing spot. Then, to keep the bathroom from feeling cluttered, add a minimalist glass shower box with a black frame that fits any concept.



Next, let's get into the interesting topic of the bedroom. The bedroom is where we spend the majority of our time during the day. Of course, we want a relaxing environment with a pleasing appearance. This Corrales-style bedroom with a rustic theme can serve as bedroom design inspiration for you. 

The mattress is designed without the use of a high bed, but rather with a wood base. The theme of the house remains the same, with warm colors typical of earth tones, white walls, floors, and brown wooden roofs. Above the bed, you can hang some warm-colored lights and some wall decorations.




Finally, let's take a look inside the kitchen. The kitchen and dining room are combined in this tiny house corrales. This is due to the limited amount of available space. The benefit of this kitchen design is that residents can serve hot food directly at the dining table next to it. The furniture in this room is also made of long-lasting wood. In addition to wooden cabinets, shelves can be added to store items such as glasses and other items.



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