Beautiful Look for Minimalist and Clean House in White -- Color selection is very important to give you a look that suits the style you want. One color that is widely used especially for small and minimalist homes is white. The spacious, clean, and bright impression that is owned when using white is very beneficial for houses of various sizes. For white house ideas that you can replicate the concept of, check out Beautiful Looks for Minimalist and Clean House in White.

House facade design

This house has a simple facade using white color that looks clean and elegant. The use of roster walls on the fence can provide a more aesthetic style and keep the house well aired.  The addition of a small garden around the roster wall is also able to give a fresher look to the house.

Relaxing corner

What's interesting about this house is the relaxing corner near the carport. The use of dry garden style can give a clean and stunning impression. The choice of white color is still the thing that is highlighted in this area. To add lighting, this area also has a little skylight roof.

Living room look

Although not very spacious, this living room has a stylish and instragamable look. The use of wall molding details gives this small room more character. Moreover, this area also has a slide door that can give a minimalist impression and is able to provide maximum air circulation, so even though it is small, this living room is still comfortable.

Small kitchen look

This small kitchen still feels spacious with clever arrangement and color choices. Not only does it have a kitchen, but it also comes with a bar counter that makes it look more modern. Some display shelves can also be added to the wall to make it more space saving.

Balcony garden

This minimalist house also has an interesting part to relax, namely the balcony garden. This area feels more beautiful by adding a green carpet that resembles grass. While the plants are neatly arranged on the shelves in the wall area so that the empty space on this balcony can be used to relax comfortably with family.

Laundry area

The laundry area also has a neat and functional look. Aside from having a washing machine in the corner of the area, there is also a drying area nearby which can make mom more time efficient. To maximize the drying of clothes, this area uses a skylight roof that allows more light to enter while remaining safe from rain.





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