7 Best Living Room Design Ideas For Your Home


Homlovely.com - The living room becomes the first face of the house which is an important place to be arranged. As the name suggests, the living room is functioned to receive guests who come to our house. So, it needs to show a good impression and a sense of comfort for guests who are visiting. If you are looking for living room ideas, here are beautiful and elegant living room ideas that can be used as examples.

Bright Living Room

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The living room with a bright look makes it comfortable and beautiful. The living room uses a bright blue sofa combined with a pink sofa. Do not forget around the living room put green plants that can make the living room more fresh. Beautiful and unique living room ornaments add a charming impression. Especially on the walls of the guest house made glass that makes a small living room look bigger.

Tiny Living Room 

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If you do not have a large room to make a living room. Then the living room located near the dining room can be a solution. You can make a living room with a small shape but can maximize its function. The living room using a gray sofa combined with a red carpet makes the look more charming. To make it look more similar you can use a pillow with a motif of red stripes.

Living Room Plants


A living room filled with plants is not just for decoration. But the living room using plants can add freshness in the room and improve air circulation. You can use a carpet with a unique and beautiful leaf shape. Sofa with letter L shape can maximize the existing space. In addition you can also use curtains with elegant beige color.

White Living Room

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One way that can be done to make the look of the living room look bigger is by using white. Rooms that are dominated by white can indeed make the look bigger and cleaner. So you are easier to decorate for example by adding plants in the corner of the room, on the wall or on the table.

Small Living Room

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Even though your house has limited land, you can still maximize the look of the living room. Even you can make the look of the living room feel spacious and spacious with the arrangement and decoration. For example, by using warm colors such as Brown combined with white. In addition, choose minimalist design furniture with a modest size.

Elegant Living Room

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The living room using colors that tend to be dark and the use of furniture with a timeless impression makes the look more elegant. The living room that uses a combination of Brown and black looks classy and stylish. Don't forget to add supporting decorations such as lamp stands, large plants and beautiful paintings. The existence of lights that are covered with webbing can also add a unique and natural impression.

Modern Minimalist Living Room

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A comfortable and ideal living room is shown in the picture above. The living room using this green and white sofa looks fresh and of course your guests will feel at home for a long time. The living room facing on this large window makes the look more fresh. Because sunlight can enter directly into the room. Don't forget to use other interesting furniture such as classic lamps, flowers, and also paintings attached to the wall.

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