7 Best Beach Plants That Grow Well In Your Home and Garden


7 Best Beach Plants That Grow Well In Your Home and Garden

Homlovely.com -- We can recreate the beach atmosphere we experience while on vacation at home. With these "7 Best Beach Plants That Grow Well In Your Home and Garden", you can create a natural and cool beach-like atmosphere. 

Some of these plant references are for plants that are simple to care for. These plants, whether planted indoors in pots or outdoors in the garden, can not only add aesthetic value but also refresh the air in your home. Which of the following plants pique your interest? Without further ado, let's take a look at this.



Alocasia Frydek



This plant, with its lovely leaf appearance, is one of the simplest types of alocasia to care for. The leaf shape of Alocasia Frydek is similar to that of Watsoniana, but it is more sturdy and hard. This plant has the ability to grow very large and its leaf bones glow in the dark.

Rhapis Excelsa Palm



This is a type of palm plant native to the tropics that belongs to the arecaceae family. With its fan-like appearance and elongated leaves, this plant stands out. Rhapis Excelsa grows well both indoors and outdoors. When placed indoors, it also functions as an air conditioner.

Sea Almond


Terminalia Cattapa is the Latin name for this sea almond plant, which is also known as Beach almond, Umbrella Tree, Talisay Tree, and many other names. The sea almond is a tree that grows on the beach. This plant can also be grown inside in a pot. This plant, in addition to being able to refresh the air in the room, has a unique leaf shape that widens as shown in the image above.

Areka Palm



There are numerous tropical palms that you can grow in your home. Areca palm is a popular type of palm that is frequently used as an ornamental plant at home. The attraction of this type of plant is its elongated and distinct leaf shape. Because this palm can grow to be quite large, you should plant it in your garden. However, if it is still too small, you can make this as an indoor plant. 

Furcraea Macdougalii



This plant can also create a beachy atmosphere in your home. Furcraea Macdougalli is a common tropical plant that can grow to be quite large. As a result, you should plant this plant in your home's garden. Its unusual shape is reminiscent of grass or large bushes. It is also simple to maintain and can withstand harsh weather.

Calathea Ornata



This lovely plant can also provide a refreshing beach vibe. Calathea ornata appears to be a synthetic plant with its large green leaves and pink stripes on the leaves, despite the fact that it is a native plant that grows. This plant does not require direct sunlight and can thrive in high humidity environments. As a result, it is ideal for use inside your home.

Dragon Tree



The most popular plant for evoking the feeling of a tropical beach is the dragon tree. Because this plant prefers direct sunlight, it should be placed in a location that receives a lot of it. This plant is not branched when young, as seen in the picture above, but as it grows, it will begin to branch, but don't worry, it can still be pruned. The dragon tree is also very good at purifying the air around it.

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