7 Delightful Ways To Decorate Awkward Living Room With Plants


Homlovely.com - The living room is a room that is usually used to receive guests from family, friends, colleagues, etc. For that you need to decorate the living room to make it look more comfortable and attractive. There is nothing wrong if you decorate the living room using plants. In addition to being used as decoration plants also have many benefits for the room of your home. One of these plants can make your home fresher and absorb toxins in the House. For more details you can see ways to decorate the living room with plant below.

Bright Color Living Room

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Living room using bright colors can make the look more spacious and beautiful. The living room with a bright blue sofa bed combined with a gray carpet motif makes the look more elegant. You can add plants in the corner of the room or on the living room table. Use yellow lights with a unique design that makes the look more cheerful.

Living room with Natural Shades


Decorating the living room to make it look comfortable and cool is a dream for many people. You can use the idea as in the picture. The living room using a green sofa by using plant decorations around the living room makes the look more fresh and cool. You can put the plant in a pot or hang it on the wall of the room. Don't forget to pay attention to the care so that the look is always beautiful.

Minimalist Living Room

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A minimalist living room usually uses a simple but charming look. The living room that uses a white sofa bed combined with cream-colored pillows looks beautiful. The presence of plants in the corner of the room with a large size makes the look more fresh and comfortable. You can use plants such as monstera, palm, etc. with a large size so it looks beautiful if placed in the corner of your living room.

Living Room with Plant Shelf

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If you have a large place and make the living room look neater then you can make a plant rack. The living room using this gray sofa appears with a minimalist design. With the plant shelves make the living room atmosphere more fresh and cool. Next to the living room is made a window with a large size that makes light can enter maximally into the house.

Living Room with Mirror

kasie mccoy

One that you can apply to make the living room look bigger is to use a mirror. The living room using wood material sofa with combined leaf-shaped carpet makes the look more natural. You can put plants in the corner of the living room that makes the look fresher. In addition, the presence of long curtains in the living room makes the look more beautiful.

Living Room Green Letter L

curated interior
The living room with the letter L shape makes the house look bigger. Living room by using this letter L shape sofa can be an inspiration for you. The existence of large windows that can be opened and closed can be used as a place for fresh plants to get direct sunlight.

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