Simple Modern House Design Ideas for Urban Life -- A house, which is a primary need for people's place, should of course be owned. No need to think about the size, you can build a small and simple house but have a smart and comfortable interior arrangement. For house ideas that look simple but have amazing interiors, check out Simple Modern House Design Ideas for Urban Life.



House facade design

This house has a facade with a simple appearance and is only shaped like a giant block. Not many colors are used for the exterior of this house, making it not look flashy. As a substitute for a fence for limited land, this house uses a folding fence model that still makes the house safe. This facade design is perfect for those of you who don't have a large area of land.

House interior idea

Entering the interior of the house is a loft-style room to maximize each room well and completely. Not only that, the open plan concept in the room is also able to give a wider impression and have better air circulation. The choice of the dominant white color is also able to give a brighter and less stuffy impression.

Living room idea

Located in the front area, this living room has a small space but looks amazing with the choice of furniture colors that make the room feel more alive. There are not many decorations used in this area, including wall displays and large plants that bring freshness.

Use glass for window

This room design also has an attractive and stylish look. In addition to the use of white color, there are also glass windows on various sides of the wall. This will allow this small house to receive more light and make the room less humid. The use of glass is also able to create a more modern and elegant look.

Bedroom idea

This master bedroom is located on the first floor area adjacent to the living room. The minimalist design of the room is able to bring a soothing atmosphere and make resting more comfortable. This bedroom also has storage on the bed so that it can store items more practically and neatly. 




Bathroom idea

This bathroom area is under the loft and near the stairs. The choice of white color is still a mainstay to maximize the small space. This bathroom is also equipped with a cabinet to make it look more organized. Don't forget to provide ventilation holes so that this small room still feels comfortable.

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