Get 7 Ideas By Filling the Awkward Empty Spaces in the Abode - Every house often finds an empty spot. And sometimes this area is just left empty or put unuseful stuff. Then, you can utilize this area with the right design to enhance the nuance at home. Check these 7 Ideas By Filling the Awkward Empty Spaces in the Abode.

Use the space at home for the playground


Empty rooms at home can use for playground areas than used for warehouses. Put some kid toys, stuff, and others. You also can build a mini library in this area that can use as a reading area for kids.

Put a functional bench at the side of the stairway


Do you have an empty area near the stairway? Then, put the functional bench in this area. This bench can use as a waiting area or an enjoyable spot. And the under a bench, you can use for storage, or dirty clothes places if this area is near with laundry room.

Stunning mini table and plant in an empty spot


Put a mini table in the empty area in your bedroom. This table can use to fill the empty spot that can make an awkward accent. Then, decorate with plants near this table. And also can hang the picture to give enlivening vibes.

Reading chair in a corner with a standing lamp


Put a reading chair in your corner spot. It will help you to avoid the awkward empty area at home. Then, add standing lamps near the chair for lighting. Get some cushion for comfort spot.

Create a bathroom under the stairway


Mostly, the area under the stairway was left empty. Then, you can utilize this space for a bathroom. No need large area, you can design the bathroom with a suitable and comfortable spot. Don't forget the decoration to get a pretty and stunning place.

Beautiful enjoyable spot in the space area


Get an enjoyable spot for the empty area at your abode. With the interior using bright hues, you can use a contrasting color for the stuff. It will give a stunning design and decoration. Put the plants for a fresh and good atmosphere.

Decorate the empty area with interesting ornaments


Decorate your stairway with attractive decorations. You can put a high table and fill a vase or other ornaments. Or you just put high plants at the ends of the stairway for a pretty and fresh look.

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