6 Ideas For Storage In The Kitchen. Perfect For Cramped Kitchens

 Homlovely.com - The small kitchen always brings confusion and feel limited in activities. You can hang the rack for storage and help the kitchen to save more space. Look at these 6 Ideas For Storage In The Kitchen. Perfect For Cramped Kitchens. Check it out!

Hang rack as storage in a small kitchen


Kitchen table that builds from cement, you can add a curtain under it for a clean accent. Then, for the storage area, you can hang the rack above the kitchen table. Arrange the hanging rack for a stunning kitchen area.

Drawers above the sink for wet stuff


Create drawers above the sink area that are suitable for additional storage. This drawer can use for wet stuff after washing at the sink. You also can make the door of drawers uses transparent material to keep a clean and pretty design.

Get white for storage on hang shelves


Using white color for storage in a small kitchen is worth it. This hue can bring a clean, bigger look, and spacious area. You also can combine the white color with another like black, or soft color to enliven the nuance.

Use a similar container for the storage


If you organize the storage by container, you can use a similar container. Be it the color, size, or pattern. It can bring stunning and eye-catching. Then, arrange the container in the rack nicely to help you to have tidy kitchen storage.

Utilize under the sink for rack storage


The empty area under the sink can use as a storage spot. Provide a foldable or moveable rack for storage. Then, you can put this storage under the sink area. Arrange it nicely to get pretty storage and make it easy to take or save the stuff in this rack.

Create a stunning seasoning rack near the refrigerator


The seasoning that is mostly placed in small bottles or jars must have its storage. You can create a rack or shelves for the seasoning. Then, you can place this seasoning rack near the refrigerator or other space in this small kitchen.

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