7 Living Room Design Inspiration & Furniture Decorating Ideas

 Homlovely.com - Enjoy your day in the comfortable living room watching the TV, or reading books, or other activities. Another way, the living room also uses for the guest room, and you must design it nicely to get a comfy area. Here we have a compilation of 7 Living Room Design Inspirations & Furniture Decorating Ideas. Let's check it out!

Wall ornaments in the small living room


Although you have a small living room, you can design them nicely and perfectly to spend time in this area. No need for more stuff to be placed in the living room, you can put the important stuff with measurements. 

Then, decorate the empty wall of the living room with some ornaments. Like DIY macramé, hanging plants, or pictures.

Up-ceiling with good lighting


Still, in a small living room, you can make the ceiling use up or high concept like the picture. Then, hang the bright lamps on this ceiling for the main lighting. 

Besides the main lamps, you can put some hidden lamps for additional lamps in this living room area. It can make you feel comfy and spacious accent spot at home.

Adjust the furniture to the size of the living room


Besides making good designs and decorations for small living rooms, you can get attention to the furniture. Make the furniture use matching hues or patterns with the interior for a stunning design. 

Don't forget the size of the furniture. Use the right measurement for the furniture and suitable to place in this area.

Stunning living room design for an apartment


If you are living in an apartment that has a small size and limited area, it makes you must be clever to design and decorate the room. Like the living room, you can make bright hues and soft patterns for a stunning and spacious accent. 

Another way, using the right furniture or stuff in the living room also gives the vibe and ambiance.

Get minimalist and interesting furniture


Choosing the right stuff for the living room may affect the atmosphere and vibes. Like the sofa or other sitting furniture, you can get good color, pattern, and match designs for the living room. You also can add some cushion on the sofa and a mini plant on the tabletop for fresh decoration.

Small living room with a green design


Combine the white and green in your small narrow living room. No need for more stuff for this small area. You can put a rug as a sitting area. And then, put the TV out on the cabinet or hang it on the wall to save more space.

Use the open concept for spacious home design


Get an open concept for a bigger room in your home area. You can try this concept in the living room with the next room area. If you wanna privacy, you can put a thin barrier or dining table between the two.

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