7 Modern Study Table Design for Home

 Homlovely.com - A comfortable study table can increase your kid's study. Usually, the study table is placed in a bedroom area or other space with a calm atmosphere. And here we have some of 7 Modern Study Table Design for Home. Check it out!

Fresh study table with plants around


Located near the window, it makes the study room has good air quality with air purifying. With the minimalist and simple study table, you can design and arrange them nicely to get comfort area. 

Put some potted plants around this study table. Then, hang the rack above the study table that can use for a bookcase or display some ornaments.

Small but comfy study table with a curtain as a barrier


Utilize a small space in your bedroom for a study table. You can put a small but minimalist study table with a hanging rack as storage in this area. Then, you can separate the bed and the study table with a curtain. It makes you feel calm and perfect for serious study.

Foldable study table with bookcase above


Using a similar concept to before, you can make the hanging rack as a bookcase or storage above the study table. And you can make the study table use foldable material that can easily save more space. 

Add hidden lamps under the hang bookcase as additional lighting. Then, you also can hang the mirror at the side of the study table.

Bright design for study table


Just put a table with storage under it and a chair for the study room, maybe bring a monotonous design. Then, you can make the interior of this study area use bright or soft hues. 

It can make you a spacious accent in this area. Create a hanging rack on the wall for notes or other functions in this study area.

Aesthetic study table near the window


Having aesthetic design maybe can bring pretty and comfortable vibes. And you can try it in your study room or study table design

Located near the window, you can make the window use a cute design with a patterned curtain. Then, make the wall of the study table using texture foam and hang some notes placed. Hang the lamps that can use as lighting for study.

Traveling the world for your study table's theme


The interior of the study area uses white, making it feel like a spacious and clean ambiance. Then, with a minimalist study table, you can hang the rack above the study table for storage or display stuff. 

Put a standing pole near the study table for the world sign. And you also decorate this study table with typical of the country for a world theme.

Simple and minimalist study table on the balcony


Do you have an empty balcony at home? Then, use it for the study area. You can put a minimalist and simple study table on this balcony. 

And don't forget to hang the rack or cabinet above the study table for storage or display your stuff for study. You can make the railing cover with glass material or a window for a private area.

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