6 Practical Decoration Ideas for a Prayer Room at Home

 Homlovely.com - Prayer maybe can do in anywhere. But, for Muslims, you have Salat for daily prayer and at a certain time. And Salat needs a place with a clean and holy area. Here we have 6 Practical Decoration Ideas for a Prayer Room at Home. Let's check it out!

Prayer room semi-outdoor with plants


Like other home designs, you can take comfort place with the design and decoration of the prayer room. Make a semi-outdoor for the prayer design. You also can put plants that hang on the wall for fresh and pretty nuance. It will make you focus on Salat and prayer in this room.

Small but comfy prayer room


Don't worry if you have a small area for a prayer room. Use wise design and decoration for the prayer room that can make you feel comfortable with Salat. 

Combine bright and dark or soft colors for the interior. And then, you can put a vertical rack for Al-Qur'an and Mukena and other stuff for prayer in this rack.

Traditional and natural accent for prayer room design


Use wood material if you wanna natural ambiance in the prayer room. No need for a complicated design for this prayer room. Just put a ladder for Mukena storage and a rack for other stuff in the prayer room area.

Get bright hues for the prayer room interior


If you wanna clean and spacious accent, you can use white color for the prayer room interior. Not just white color, you can combine it with soft color for a calm effect. And make the rug use dark colors to match the design. You also can put fresh plants in this prayer room.

Purple prayer room near the garden


The space area in the backyard or near the garden can use for the prayer room. It can make a fresh atmosphere in your prayer room and bring a soothing effect. Then, decorate the prayer room with white and purple colors for a pretty design.

Scandinavian style for prayer room design


Applying the Scandinavian style in the prayer room can bring calm effects. With the white color and wood material, it will make you focus on prayer. Just arrange this prayer room with nice to get a stunning and convenient spot.

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Editor : Munawaroh

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