6 Simple Yet Stunning Kitchen Design Ideas

 Homlovely.com - A comfortable kitchen is a great dream that all people want. But, what if the kitchen has a small size? Don't worry, you can still use elegant and fancy designs even if the area has a limited size. Look at these 6 Simple Yet Stunning Kitchen Design Ideas. Check it out!

Kitchen table facing each other


Get facing each other for the kitchen table design. It can make you have a bigger feel design in your kitchen area. And then, make the interior of the kitchen use bright hues or wood material that can bring spacious and clean nuance.

Linear kitchen table in a small apartment


Do you live in an apartment? Then, you will have a small kitchen area. Don't worry, you can make a linear design for the kitchen table. It will save more space and minimalist design in your apartment. 

Use glossy material and bright hues for the kitchen table and design. It will give a clean and spacious accent.

Additional lamps under the hanging cabinet


Using a Letter-L kitchen table will make it efficient for the small kitchen. Then, you can hang the cabinet above the kitchen table for storage. You can also install the lamps under the cabinet for lighting.

Natural lighting and ventilation in your kitchen


Monochrome style in small kitchen maybe can bring a gloomy effect if you don't have another decoration. You can create the window and ventilation in this kitchen to help the kitchen design. It will help your kitchen have natural lighting from the outside and good air.

Get comfort in the kitchen by put plants


Another way, placing plants in the kitchen area can help the atmosphere. Plants can absorb the pollutant in kitchen areas like smoke, bad smells, and others. Then, they will produce oxygen at night and help to purify the air in the kitchen area.

Stunning small kitchen with a cute mini bar


Getting white or bright hues in the kitchen can make you feel the spacious and clean effect. Then, you also can create a mini bar in the kitchen area that can also use for a dining table. And it will also help you to serve the meals after cooking.

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