7 Design Ideas for Stairway and Surround for A Stunning Look

 Homlovely.com - Get away from the monotonous stair that can make you bored for a long period. You can add some decoration to enhance the looks and vibes. We have these 7 Design Ideas for Stairway and Surround for A Stunning Look. Let's check it out!

Tiny stair with additional lighting


Don't worry about tiny stairs at home. Make around the stair use bright or white hues for the interior design. It can bring spacious effects. Then, you can install the lamps on the steps in your stairway for lighting.

Floating stair surrounding lamps


Apply modern style to your stair at home. You can try floating stairs with the wall using stone, and the trailing use glass material. And install the lighting along the steps as lighting and make it for safety. For an empty area under the stairs, you can use it as an enjoyable spot or dining room.

The mysterious style of modern stair


Get a modern style with a mysterious accent for your stairway. With the stairway using wood material, you can make around of stairway using a dark color. Use the right design and decoration for a stunning modern design. 

Combining nature and contemporary


You can combine nature and contemporary in the stairway design and decoration. By creating floating stairs, you can make the wall of stair use aesthetic and stunning stone. Then, apply dark hues surrounding this stairway to support the design concept.

Beautiful floating stairs with dark hues


Still using the floating concept for the indoor stairway, you can make the steps use dark hues. The interior use modern style, like wood material, bright hues for the wall, and dark hues for the stuff. It will bring elegant vibes around your stairway.

Simple wood stairs and plants


Getting wood material for the stairway can bring nature and make a warm atmosphere. Then, you can put fresh potted plants along the stairway as decoration. You also can hang the picture or other gallery to enliven this spot.

Get white and wood material for classic stair


Reach the classic effect with stairway design and decoration. Applying the wood material at the surface of the steps in this stairway. And you can apply white hues for the other side that can make stunning looks. Make this combine for the railing to get match and eye-catching.

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