Five Great Laundry Room Ideas for Even the Smallest of Spaces - Having your own laundry room at home, of course, can make it easier to wash your clothes. But, what about the small home that sometimes has no space for a laundry area? 

Don't worry, just look at these Five Great Laundry Room Ideas for Even the Smallest of Spaces. Let's check it out!

Small laundry room with a great arrangement


Utilize a small space at your home for a laundry room. Design nicely to get a stunning and comfortable place. 

Hang the rack above the washing machine that can use as storage. Then, you can install the foldable clothesline in this area for efficiency.

Cover the floor with a grass rug in your laundry room


Even if the laundry room has small size, you can decorate it nicely. Cover the floor of the laundry room with a grass rug to get fresh nuance. Then, make the stuff in this laundry room use bright hues to get a clean and spacious accent.

Laundry room in front of a bathroom


The empty area in front of the bathroom can use for the laundry area. You can put a washing machine and a rack of storage in this area. 

Use bright hues and minimalist stuff to avoid messy and narrow spaces. You also can hang the mirror to enhance the atmosphere.

Put some plants around the laundry room


After arranging the small laundry room nicely, you can decorate it to make a comfortable spot at home. Like, put some fresh plants for example. Having plants in this area can help you to absorb the pollutant and help to purify the air.

Minimalist laundry room in the kitchen area


You can use your kitchen space for a mini laundry room. Look at the picture, you can install the washing machine by covering the kitchen table. It is like a hidden laundry space. 

And for the clothesline, you can install them outdoors or on the balcony, or in another area. But, for a better option, you can buy a washing machine that has multifunction until the clothes dry.

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