7 Decoration Ideas to Your Home with Plants | Enhance the Abode Vibes

 Homlovely.com - Enhancing the dwelling vibes can bring a pleasant and comfortable place. You can use plants to increase the dwelling. And now, look at these 7 Decoration Ideas for Your Home with Plants | Enhance the Abode Vibes. Let's check it out!

Put flowering plants on the windowsill


The first way, you can put the plants on the windowsill. You can hang them or just put them. Besides being able to meet the needs of plants, placing plants on windowsills also can improve the effect of boring room design.

Hang the potted plants to save more space


If you lack of space at home, you can hang the potted plants. Hang them in an area that has what the plants needed. Such as near the windowsill, near the door, or other else. Use a pretty rope or hanger to get pretty looks.

Increase the home vibes with topiary


You also collected topiary to enhance the abode. A topiary is a shrub or tree clipped that is designed into ornamental shapes. Put this topiary in your indoor garden or at the side of a door that can use as a welcoming ornament.

Colorful home with plants


If you live in an apartment, or small house, you can make colorful or bright designs and decorations. Add plants to your house that can use as decoration. Arrange them nicely to avoid a messy and bad look at your small dwelling.

Plants in front of the mirror


Place your plants in front of the mirror. It can bring a spacious and fresh accent. Or you can hang the plants around the door area or mirror.

Put the plants on a tabletop


Decorate your table in the living room or other with plants. Select pretty plants or flowers to enhance this room area.

Beautiful vining houseplant in the kitchen


You can place plants in the kitchen to increase the atmosphere. Besides enhancing the kitchen, having plants in the kitchen can bring more benefits. Like absorbing pollutants and purifying the air.

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