7+ Backyard Idea With Inspiring Looks To Fun & Function

 Homlovely.com - Smart design make you have felt comfort with the backyard area. You can waste the time at backyard with great design and invite your friends or guests to stay at your backyard. Check these Backyard Idea With Inspiring Looks To Fun & Function. Let's go out!

Small Fishpond


Build small fishpond at your limited yard. With concrete material, you can add fountain that bring soothing accent with the sound of flowing water. Decorate around this fishpond with fresh plants to make natural accent at your small backyard.

Outdoor Kitchen and Dining Room


Lawn at backyard make fresh the atmosphere. You can move out the kitchen and dining room at this backyard for different vibes and fresh air. With pergola or wood roof, can protect you from sunlight and rain. Decorate this area into beautiful and convenient spot for pretty backyard.

Patio and Garden


Combine the patio and garden bring fresh and comfy ambience. With round table and install the umbrella at the center can protect you from the condition. Arrange the plants around this patio for the garden concept.

Swimming Pool


Creating a swimming pool at backyard is a perfect idea. You can make the swimming pool, add a fountain for pretty and soothing ambience. Then, surround the pool with plants at the side that bring fresh area. You also can put the lounge or other furniture at space near the pool to relax.

Outdoor Kitchen and Laundry


Narrow house make confuse to design and decoration. But, don't worry, you can move the kitchen and dining room to a backyard or outdoor area. 

Use white or bright hues for the decoration that give spacious accent at this kitchen, even located at outdoor. Then, you can make the laundry room place at backyard too for spacious accent and make comfy.

Enjoyable Spot with Roof


Small backyard need clever design and decoration. You can make this backyard area using roof as covering this area. Then, you can make enjoyable spot like garden and playground and living room at this backyard area. 

Hang the TV on the wall, that save more space. Good arrangement is must, it can help you to have convenient spot at home area.

Patio with Concrete Floor


Commonly, creating the patio at backyard can improve the looks and convenient. With lawn around, you can make the patio floor use concrete material for clean area. 

Put durable furniture at this area, and you can create a concrete box for growing plants. Don't miss with fire pit that can make warm and comfy outdoor.

Comfy Deck at Backyard


Deck at backyard can use for many activities. Like use for yoga, playground, enjoyable spot, and other. You can also invite your friends to waste the time with barbecue party in this backyard. 

Put durable furniture at backyard with similar hues for matching and stunning looks. Then, use good arrangement that can avoid messy and narrow area.

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