Minimalist Modern Home Design Ideas with Natural Look Interior -- Home is a primary need for everyone. Having a comfortable home, of course, will make the family happier and happier to spend time at home. A comfortable house doesn't have to be big, you can use design to make a comfortable and appropriate room layout. For design ideas, check the following article about Minimalist Modern Home Design Ideas with Natural Look Interior, hopefully it will inspire!

House facade design

This house design features a minimalist facade with natural colors such as white, gray, and a touch of wood. This facade wall has several protrusions to create an interesting dimension. The remaining land in front of the house would also be ideal for a new garden.

Living room idea

This room has a color that matches the exterior, making it look beautiful and clean. The living room is furnished with a comfortable sofa and carpet, as well as a television mounted on the wall to save space. Furthermore, the use of down lighting makes the room appear more simple and neat.

Small kitchen idea

The section around the stairs is empty, made up of an open kitchen. The kitchen set is placed in a corner and still provides a large space for activities in the kitchen. You can adjust the size of the kitchen set to your liking, you can use the whole part for the kitchen set, or you can leave a little space to put a refrigerator like this design.

Bedroom idea

The bedroom has a simple arrangement with some important furniture that complements it. The addition of a chandelier with a minimalist style is one of the details that can make the bedroom more varied. You can also add some frames to the walls or place plants that will refresh the room.

White bathroom idea

This bathroom has a white color, which makes it look more spacious and clean. The use of simple furniture also makes this room feel minimalist style. Put moisture-loving plants in this bathroom.

House plan

This picture is a 2-storey house design equipped with 4 bedrooms that complete for family facilities. There is also a living room, dining room, kitchen, and several bathrooms.

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