7 Stylish Kitchen For Small Spaces Design

 Homlovely.com - Designing the kitchen into a cozy and friendly area make pleasant. No matter if you have small size of kitchen, you can makeover it with clever design and decoration. Look to these 7 Stylish Kitchen For Small Spaces Design. Let's see!

Elongated Kitchen with Fresh Design


Elongated size of kitchen area bring confuse to design. Firstly, you can make this kitchen area use bright or fresh hues for the interior design. Make the light from outside go at this kitchen with transparent roof or window (if any). 

Use a linear kitchen table and hang the cabinet as storage. Make the center area let empty that can use for free move and feel spacious.

Glossy and Elegant Design for Apartment Kitchen


As we all know, kitchen in the apartment has small size. And it makes movement limited because of the narrow area in the kitchen. But, you can design the kitchen at apartment using glossy and minimize the furniture for cozy area. 

Use linear kitchen set with hang cabinet for efficient and save more space. Make open concept between kitchen and other room. You also can use dining table as barrier for functional design.

Soft in Earth Tone Design at Kitchen


Using white for the basic background, you can make the kitchen furniture using earth tone concept for pretty and soothing ambience. Combine between white hues and wood hues or material for pretty accent. 

Then, you can make the dining table use foldable concept for easy live. Hang the lamp that can bring elegant vibes in this small kitchen.

Semi Outdoor Kitchen Near the Garden


Utilize your back of home for semi outdoor kitchen. With the floor using wood material or tiles with wood pattern, you can make linear kitchen table. Then, hang the rack or cabinet above the kitchen table for storage. 

Located near garden, can bring fresh and avoid the kitchen from smoke and bad smells.

Small Kitchen with Pattern Floor


Good arrangement at this small kitchen make gorgeous the looks. The interior design using white can make bigger look. Then, use soft gray at the kitchen table and wood material for the surface. 

To avoid monotonous accent, you can decorate the floor with pattern rug or pattern tiles. Put some plants at this small kitchen to keep fresh ambience.

Stylish and Smart Kitchen Design


Still using white for the basic background, it can make the small kitchen look bigger and clean. Use a U-shape for the kitchen set or kitchen table. 

You can make the one side use for sink, other side for stove, and the other for mini bar plus storage under it. Combine the white hues at kitchen table with wood material or hues for natural vibes and avoid boring accent.

Hang Cabinet for Cozy Small Kitchen


The other tips for small kitchen are using hang cabinet that located above the kitchen table or kitchen set. It causes that you can save more space at this small kitchen. 

And don't forget with plants that you can put at kitchen area. You can use hang plants or mini potted plants that can make fresh in the kitchen.

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Editor : Munawaroh

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