Timeless and Modern House that Easy to Copy

Homlovely.com -- Having a comfortable home is of course everyone's dream. Before having it, it would be nice if you design it properly first. If you are confused, maybe this home design idea can be a very interesting reference. For some exterior and interior details, check out Timeless and Modern House that Easy to Copy.


The exterior details of this house look amazing with the structure made very precise and balanced. The porch and main door are placed right in the center with the right and left sides having matching sized windows. The finishing details use a combination of natural colors and a touch of natural stone on the walls and poles. White trim is also an impression that makes the house look more alive.


The interior has a very stunning look too. The front is a living room with a comfortable sofa. The owner uses curtains with tones that match the sofa, making the concept more chic. Some decorations on the wall with gold color add a livelier impression to the room.

Pretty details

In addition, there are many other interesting details in the interior of this house. Natural stone walls are not only applied to the exterior walls but also here, which appear warm and refreshing. The natural stone wall is also very integrated with the wooden partition nearby.


Near the living room is also the kitchen with a bar counter as a stylish and functional divider. This area has a grayish look that looks very subtle and great for interiors to stay timeless. For a modern touch, the owner added a chandelier with a stunning design.

Dining area

The dining area is near the kitchen with large windows flanking it. This area will be a great spot to have breakfast while enjoying the fresh morning view. Add some decorations such as plants in the corner of the room to make it look more stunning.

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Author     : Hafidza
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Source    : Chris Lopez

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