Comfortable Home Design in Wood Tone

 Homlovely.comThis minimalist house that adapts the Japanese style looks calming. The design that has natural colors also makes its residents feel relaxed and suitable for resting after a busy day. Below are some designs for Japanese-style homes that you can imitate and reference.

Facade house design

The right color combination makes the exterior design of the house look amazing. Among them are white as the basic color, welcomed with gray, and also brown from wood elements.

Beautiful garden

Indeed, the garden in this Japanese-style minimalist house is not lush and has many plants. However, the beautiful atmosphere is very much felt with some neatly arranged plants. Moreover, the land overgrown with grass is then decorated by making the walking area further enhance the beauty of the garden.

Matching tone for interior design

Like the exterior design, the inside of the house also applies almost the same color combination. Calm colors and closeness to nature make the atmosphere more relaxing. The arrangement of the furniture in it also needs to be considered. Use the items needed according to size so as not to seem messy and full.

Bedroom design with a relaxing spot

This minimalist bedroom looks neat and comfortable. You will feel the quality of your sleep better by applying a design like in the picture above. With a bed that has a wooden deck as its base, making the design more organized and neat.

Equipped with a seating area by the window, guests can study, or drink tea while sitting with cushions as a place to sit.

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