62 sqm Small House Design | 2 Bedrooms and Roofdeck

Homlovely.com -- No matter what the size, in fact, a proper design and plan can maximize the land into a comfortable residence. Regardless of the size, 62 sqm Small House Design | 2 Bedrooms and Roofdeck here is a valuable inspiration, for those of you who are looking for a comfortable small house design idea. Let's check the following design details!

Front View

Front View

Using a minimalist theme, this house also looks modern with its box-shaped facade. Building lines look firm and solid. The use of neutral colors and natural elements make this home feel comfortable and homey. The perfect combination of white with natural rock accents on the exterior. Although small, this house is very comfortable with a spacious terrace and roof deck.

Side View

Side View

The House has a spacious terrace from the front to the side of the House. The side of the house is also well utilized as a semi outdoor laundry room. The canopy on the side makes the laundry room protected and safer, as well as making this side more shaded. The stairs to the rooftop are also on this side. This ladder is quite safe with a high simple railing.

Rear View

Rear View

This house has one exit at the back of the House. From this point of view, the House also looks minimalist with the use of white wall paint. No unnecessary ornaments or decorations. The House also has several windows that are very useful for ventilation. Part of the wall is also decorated with 2-way lights as the main lighting.

Top View

Top View

This house is unique and very attractive with roof deck and also flat roof with modern design. The Roofdeck is quite spacious, almost half the area of the first floor. This Roofdeck is equipped with a linear concrete chair, and also a minimalist garden green spot. It is perfect for a place to relax or have a small party with friends, family and loved ones.

Floor Plan

Ground Floor Plan

House Features:

- Balcony (Porch) : 16 Sqm (total)

- Living Area : 7 Sqm 

- Dining Area : 6.5 Sqm

- Kitchen Area : 4.5 Sqm

- Bedroom 1 : 9 Sqm

- Bedroom 2 : 8 Sqm

- Bathroom : 4 Sqm

- Laundry Area : 2.5 Sqm

Roof Plan

While on the roof area of the house there is a rooftop with a size that is almost half of the 1st floor area with a rooftop area of 26 square meters. To build this house, the estimated cost is from $32,000-36,000 USD. As a disclaimer, This is an estimated price. The actual price may vary for each region due to many factors, such as material prices, workers ' wages, construction time, and so on.

Open Space Concept

Open Space Concept

Measuring 8.2 x 7.5 meters and having only one floor, this house needs to maximize the available space. The inside of the house is quite smart with the use of open plan concepts. The concept without a room divider like this will make the impression of the room becomes spacious. This living room is directly connected to the dining room and kitchen, space-saving and compact!

Full Facilities

Full Facilities

With only 62 sqm, this house looks attractive with complete space facilities offered. The House has a spacious terrace and roof with green spots around it. Inside the house there is a living room, kitchen and dining room, 2 bedrooms, and 1 bathroom. Perfect fit and super comfortable for a small family. In addition, each room also uses quite complete furniture, so you will definitely enjoy it!

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Author : Rieka

Editor : Munawaroh

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