52 SQM Small Bungalow House Design with Sloping Roof + Roof Deck

52 SQM Small Bungalow House Design with Sloping Roof + Roof Deck 

Homlovely.com -- Currently, there are a lot of houses with small sizes. This is due to a decrease in the availability of residential land, as well as high property prices. Have a limited amount of land? Do you want to renovate your house? If so, this 52 SQM Small Bungalow House Design with Sloping Roof + Roof Deck could be a good place to start. Are you curious about the review? Check it out!

Facade Design

Facade Design

This house has a total area of 52 sqm (6.5 x 8 m). This house's facade design is both minimalist and modern. There is a roof with a sloping roof model and a roof deck at the top. The main color of this house is white, and the front wall is a combination of natural stone. With high window and door models, this house appears modern. In the front, there is a minimalist garden with cast flower beds.

Roof Design

Roof Design

Here's a look at the house from above. We can see that this house has a combined sloping roof. Sloping roofs are popular due to their simplicity and cheap. This roof's setup is also very simple. Sloping roofs are usual on tiny homes. 

You can also see the roof deck here. This roof deck looks to be pretty large; you could put a simple garden and some cozy seating here. This roof terrace is accessible by a staircase located on the side of the home. There is also an extra canopy on the patio that protects against the sun.

Floor Plan

Floor Plan

This house, as seen in the image, measures 6,5 x 8 meters, with the following highlights :

Terrace : 3.2 x 1.4 meters

Living room, Kitchen, and Dining area : 6.6 x 3.2 meters

Room 1 : 3.3 x 3.25 meters

Room 2 : 3.3 x 3.1 meters

Bathroom : 2 x 1.65 meters

Living Room

Living Room

We will find the living room as we enter the house. With its open space concept, this living room appears minimalist. This living room is equipped with gray sofas and a round black table. During the day, large window and door models without grids make the room appear brighter. 

This window also aids in the smooth circulation of air. A television and a wooden ambiance are located next to the sofa. You can also spend time here relaxing with your family.

Dining Room and Kitchen

Dining and Kitchen

The dining room and kitchen are right next to the living room. This house was designed with the concept of open space in view, so there is no partition separating the living room and the kitchen. The concept of open space makes the room appear larger, allowing you to move freely. 

The dining room tables and chairs are made of wood and have a simple minimalist design with additional lighting above them. The kitchen set is also laid out simply with a single line.

Bedroom Ideas


This house has 2 bedrooms. These two bedrooms are nearly identical in size and design. This room has a medium-sized bed that is comfortable to sleep on. There is a wardrobe large enough to hold your entire clothing collection. 

A workspace table is located directly next to the large window. It's a joy to work here. A wooden mount and television are also located in front of the bed. This is a complete relaxation package.

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