How to Embrace the Art of Scandinavian Elegance with Nordic Interior

 Homlovely.comHaving a Nordic or Scandinavian-style house is a good thing. The right design and the right arrangement will make a small Nordic and Scandinavian-style residence feel comfortable. Let's look at some ways to design a slick interior to feel comfortable and relaxing.

Open space makes a bigger interior

Applying the concept of open space is indeed a pretty good idea. Especially for dwellings that have a small and limited size, this is very useful so that the room does not feel narrow.

You can make the main room or public areas such as the living room, kitchen, and dining room in a design without partitions. However, it needs the right arrangement and give a minimalist partition if you want privacy between rooms.

Compact design

Synonymous with calm colors such as white and beige, this Nordic or Scandinavian interior design looks slick and neat even though it is a small size. You can arrange the room with a compact design without leaving free space. Which of course will make the design of a small room look messy and take up more space.

Put rug for a warm interior

To sweeten the room, you can add carpets. Whether it's placed in the living room or hallway area, you can make the carpet have a design in line with the interior for matching and stunning results.

Bring the mirror into your interior design

Adding a mirror to the room can certainly help the room look bigger. Hang a mirror on the wall or make a standing mirror placed in the corner area according to the needs and design of the room.

Functional furniture and items

Putting functional furniture is certainly very helpful for a small-sized interior. Like the kitchen area, where the table design is equipped with neat and neat storage. You can add hanging shelves on the wall to make the kitchen look neater and cleaner.

Decorate with plants for fresh rooms

Do not forget to add decorations to the room to beautify and sweeten the interior design. Like adding plants for example. You can choose plants that are suitable to be placed in a room that is beautiful for the interior. Then place it in a nice and appropriate place so that the plant can grow properly and function as it should.

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