Small Modern House Design with Perfect Functional Roof Deck -- This house design has an attractive look with an elegant look and has an additional roof deck that is very impressive. For more details of this house design, check out Small Modern House Design with Perfect Functional Roof Deck.

House facade design

The facade design of this house appears with a modern minimalist style that has a warm and elegant finish using earth-tone colors. There is a cozy porch for relaxing with additional lounge chairs. At the front, there is a garden that becomes a decorative touch on the exterior to make it more lively.

Roof design

For the roof design, it uses shed roofs and roof decks that have a very interesting appearance. The roof deck area can be filled with various furniture depending on how the owner wants to utilize it. For access from the back stairs that make the front facade look neat.

Living room design

Next, there is a good-sized living area filled with several sofas that form a corner. The decorations are also cleverly arranged on the wall area so that it stands out and is also more space saving.

Dining area and kitchen design

Next is the dining and kitchen area, which looks spacious without any partition. The kitchen area occupies the rearmost corner of the room with side doors and back doors to make the room more comfortable and less stuffy.

Bedroom design

The house has several comfortably sized bedrooms and this is one of the designs. The bedrooms are filled with several pieces of furniture that make them more functional. The large windows around it are very important to bring in.

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Editor      : Munawaroh
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