Box Type: Tiny Houses That'll Have You Trying to Move in ASAP - This tiny house is suitable for living alone or with a partner. In addition, the advantage of having a small house is that it is easy to maintain and maintain cleanliness. To avoid feeling stuffy, you can apply the concept of an open plan to the interior design of a tiny house. Let's look at the design of a minimalist tiny house that makes you want to move into it quickly.

Stunning exterior design with wood elements

This box-type house model shows a simple but attractive and comfortable exterior. The existence of wooden elements makes the exterior of this house look fresh. Moreover, the atmosphere around the tiny house looks natural with trees, plants, and grass growing.

Small terrace and mini entrance stair

The front and side areas of the house that still have this space can be used for terraces. This tiny house that is designed rather high certainly provides extra protection from the surrounding environment. The stairs to this terrace can make it easier for you to enter the terrace and the house. Terrace design is simple by placing enough furniture.

Linear kitchen design area

Once entering the house, you will find the kitchen and dining room which is indeed the interior design this tiny house does not use a divider and one room has many functions. You can design the kitchen neatly and also make the right arrangement in the dining room. Use matching designs and colors on furniture or items with interior design to look matching and eye-catching.

Minimalist bedroom

After the dining room, you will find a bedroom at the end of the room in this tiny house. Minimalist design and the right size of the furniture and existing items make the bedroom feel comfortable. Supported ventilation and windows that will provide good air circulation. You can put a study table and plant decorations or others with the right arrangement in this bedroom.

Bathroom design

The bathroom that has its room is designed neatly and in line with other interiors. White shades give the impression of a bathroom that looks spacious and clean. In addition, the presence of a sink equipped with glass also makes the room feel more comfortable.

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Editor : Munawaroh

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