48 SQM Pretty Small House Design With 2 Bedrooms


Homlovely.com - The design of the house with a size of 48 sqm presents a beautiful and charming look. A house with a beautiful appearance can maximize its function so that it can provide comfort for homeowners. Equipped with complete facilities so you can use for small families. There are 2 bedrooms with one level bedroom so you can use it for a child's room.

Facade Design

The appearance of the facade of this house presents the impression of a simple and minimalist house. The combination of white and black can give the impression of a home look elegant. In the appearance of the facade of this house is equipped with wooden doors and large glass windows so as to maximize the lighting that enters the room of the House.

Living Room Design 

Enter the room there is a living room with a fairly large size. The living room is equipped with a black sofa bed so it looks elegant. There is a table with a minimalist and petite look so it looks attractive. The living room is also equipped with a TV attached to the wall and equipped with a minimalist shelf.

Dining Room Design 

Next to the living room there is a dining room and kitchen with a modern look. The dining room is equipped with chairs set of bright colors looks charming and attractive. This dining room with a combination of yellow and white looks beautiful. As for the kitchen using a kitchen set with natural wood color so it looks comfortable and clean.

Bedroom Design 

The bedroom with a small size you can maximize its function. Equipped with a gray mattress and there is a wooden cot and also blends in with the nightstand next to the mattress so it looks neat. The bedroom is also equipped with a work desk that presents a simple and minimalist design. The use of large enough glass windows can maximize the lighting that enters the room.

Floor Plan

This small house consists of :

- Porch  

- Living Room 

- Dining Room & Kitchen  

- Bathroom 

- 2 Bedroom 

- Laundry Room 

Author : Dwi

Editor : Munawaroh

Source : phileinbudgethomes

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