232 Sqm Two-storey Kerala House Design Ideas With Adorable Looks

232 Sqm Kerala House Design Ideas With Chic Modern and Traditional Looks 

Homlovely.com -- Kerala house is one of the houses with a unique design that is quite interesting to look at. With an elegant traditional look, this house also incorporates a bit of modern style in its interiors. With a size of 232 sqm, this house has a large enough size to make the facilities as complete as possible. Let's see how interesting this home design is!

Facade Design

Facade Design

The look of the house is very attractive. In fact, the exterior of a Kerala house has a very distinctive feature that you can recognize from the shape of the roof. It has a very complex history and explanation, but apart from that we'll just talk about how charming it looks! 

The traditional impression is strongly felt with the red brick finishing and also the wood material used. As is typical, this house has a large courtyard and terrace, similar to a bungalow house. Also, it is a 2-storey house!

Living Room Ideas

Living Room

It looks simple with a minimalist, traditional style. This living room is equipped with a long chair made of rattan material with additional sofa foam for more comfortable sitting. The decorations are minimal, but it feels nostalgic with a vinyl record player in the corner.

Central Courtyard

Central Courtyard

The center courtyard, which is encircled by four blocks, is the core of the home. It's an open room that lets natural light and air in, keeping the house cool and well-ventilated. But in this house, this area feels more secure with the addition of a transparent roof canopy. There is also a small space for praying at the side.

Bedroom Idea

Bedroom Idea

The next inspiration is the bedroom space. The simple design will make you feel more free and comfortable. The white color with a few decorations, makes this room seem spacious and clean. This bedroom is equipped with a comfortable bed, 2 side tables and a small makeup table. Do not forget there are windows for each room, so it does not seem stuffy and more airy.

Kitchen Ideas

Modern Kitchen

It is unique because this house has 2 separate kitchens. Inside the house is this more modern kitchen. The kitchen set design is very neat with an L-shaped layout to maximize the corner of the room. The model is also elegant with gray color and white marble table top finishing.

Dirty Kitchen

While this is how the dirty kitchen looks like. The design is customized for the needs of heavier cooking activities, using traditional equipment. Although narrow, this space is ventilated to keep the air circulation well.

Dining Room Idea

Dining Room

The dining area is equipped with a long table and 6 wooden chairs, perfectly sufficient for a sizable family. This dining room is an open space, joined by a TV room in the corner. From this side we can also see the design of the stairs used. It looks elegant and classic with pretty marble tiles.

Working Area Ideas


This house has quite a lot of space due to its spacious size. You can utilize the 2nd floor area into a workspace or lounge like this. With the additional 2nd floor, it creates a spacious void. Combined with the many openings, and the high ceiling model, it can really be felt how airy and cozy it is. 

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Author : Rieka

Editor : Munawaroh

Source : Youtube Riddha Designs

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