Small but Stunning 6 x 6 m 2-Storey House Design and Floor Plan -- Why are 2-storey houses now so much in demand? Apart from the fact that it looks more luxurious, a 2-storey house built vertically is much more efficient so that it can occupy even a small area but still with good facilities. Here are some 2-storey house design ideas that you can use as references. Check out Small but Stunning 6 x 6 m 2-Storey House Design and Floor Plan.

House facade design

This home design with a varied appearance makes the facade of the house look more alive. The well-applied color combination remains neat despite the combination of different tones. The shed roof model that is clearly visible from the front will be an element that makes the house look more unique and anyone will look twice for its beauty.

Interior design

Rooms with a small size can be presented comfortably with a few easy tricks such as proper arrangement and choosing an open space concept that is more minimal so that light and air can spread well in the room. The interior of this house has a living area, dining area, and kitchen.

Bedroom design

The bedroom has a beautiful style with a mix of minimalist concepts that have vibrant colors on some of the walls. The use of a bed in the center can also be followed by side tables on the right and left.

Bathroom design

The bathroom will feel cozy and still spacious when using a glass partition like this one. The baffle is used to divide the dry and wet areas so that it is more hygienic and not muddy. The toilet and sink area can still be accessed comfortably.

First floor plan design

On the first floor, this house design is occupied by several rooms such as the living area, dining area, kitchen, bathroom, and 1 bedroom. Additional areas include a carport at the front and a service area at the back.

Second floor plan design

The second floor area has a bathroom near the stairs, as well as a more private family area, 2 bedrooms and a spacious balcony. See the detailed floor plan in the picture above.






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