Modern Bungalow House Design Idea 7 x 10 Meters | 3 Bedrooms

Modern Bungalow House Design Idea 7 x 10 Meters | 3 Bedrooms -- Modern bungalow houses do present an attractive looks. It combines the simple style of a bungalow house, but in a more elegant modern way. This 7x10 meter house has complete facilities, which are suitable for reference. Let's check the details below!

Enchanting Look

Front View

The combination of a bungalow style house with a modern house results in a final look that is truly charming. Cozy and homey, with a more stylish look. The building lines look minimalist but firm, with a selection of soft and pleasant colors.

Good Ventilation

Corner Left Side View

Having a lot of windows means you have a lot of opportunities to create a smooth air circulation for a cool atmosphere. The existing windows have quite a variety of sizes that are suited to the needs of each room. 

Elegant Design

Right Corner Side View

This is a closer view of the front side of the house. The combination of horizontal lattices is useful as a secondary skin while enhancing the exterior look. The lighting arrangement blends in perfectly. Uniquely, the entrance is on the side, this will provide more privacy for the homeowner.

Shed Roof

Rear View

A spacious terrace is the hallmark of this small bungalow house. It can be used for various purposes, such as relaxing, or even laundry. This house also looks unique with the use of a nice and very useful sloping roof model.

Floor Plan

Floor Plan

The picture above is a simple floor plan of this house. Complete with the estimated size, you can see how this house has quite complete facilities for a small family with 2 children. 

Then to build a house like this would roughly require an estimated cost of Php 1.6M to 1.8M+. Of course, this is not a fixed price, as costs can vary depending on many factors, such as the area you live in, material prices, labor wages, and so on. So, please consult with the experts!

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Author : Rieka

Editor : Munawaroh

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