Saucy Minimalist Tiny House Design in Mezzanine Concept

 Homlovely.comDecreasing land makes property prices rise. This certainly makes many people anxious because the small land makes the residence feel narrow. However, with the right design and arrangement, of course, you will have a comfortable residence even though it is built on limited land.

Main room

Open design with a mezzanine concept certainly helps occupancy have extra space. In the main room, there is a living room which is then connected to the kitchen. There are stairs in the side area which lead to the second-floor area or on the mezzanine floor. The use of bright and soft colors and the presence of natural elements make this tiny house feel airy and comfortable.

Mezzanine bedroom

Featuring 2 bedrooms, these 2 rooms are located on the upper floors. With a position facing each other, making a neat house design and arrangement and providing comfort for its residents. You can make a window in the second-floor area so that the room has sufficient lighting and is not stuffy due to smooth air circulation.


Located on the ground floor, this workspace has a comfortable design and is close to a fairly large window area. The neat and precise arrangement and storage help this small work area feel comfortable and not crowded.

Bathroom area

The bathroom in this tiny house is located in the back area of the house. Bathroom design is divided into wet and dry areas to maintain cleanliness and humidity. You can install a sliding door as a cover or bathroom divider so that it does not take up much space and is more efficient.

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