Modern Retro House Inspiration Ideas - Bring unique design, retro as interior also make cool style to your home design and decoration. Retro style is a design that uses old style and combines it with modern vibes. So, for more information, look at the below about retro house design.

Large mirror in the bedroom


If you look at the picture above, you see the old fashion, right? The colorful bedroom with retro style and adopts 60s decoration vibes. And the large mirror on the cabinet will make the small bedroom look bigger and more spacious.

Compact living room


Using white for the basic interior, the living room is also decorated with 60s vibes. The colorful design in the living room looks so playful. Besides the interior, you can use the furniture and other items in the living room to use similar hues for matching designs.

Get fresh plants around the fire pit area


Dominating white and brave color, the interior design especially in the firepit area, looks stunning in a good place. The firepit area uses a simple but comfortable design and decoration. Hang the mirror above the firepit and bring the fresh plants for natural nuance.

Get decoration in a monotonous TV room


Hues and patterns that use old accents make the living room or TV room look retro-style. You can design around the TV area by installing some ornament for stunning and living vibes.

Colorful kitchen area


Identical to the '60s-80s decoration style, the kitchen area looks colorful and playful.  The use of chess flooring adds a beautiful and stylish impression.

Playful bathroom


Separating dry and wet areas, the retro bathroom looks stunning and comfy. The pattern in the bathroom design is so playful. With bright and some flower patterns it is perfect for the bathroom in photogenic.

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Editor : Munawaroh

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