Minimalist Small and White Living Room Designs

 Homlovely.comA minimalist living room designed in white certainly makes the room look bigger and airy. It is suitable for small rooms, but you must pay attention to the right setting and design for a beautiful and comfortable living room. Check out the review below for details.

Elongated small living room


The living room that has an elongated size does look stuffy if it is not designed and arranged neatly and appropriately. You can combine the living room and other rooms such as the family room or kitchen to be more efficient and functional. The use of wooden floors also gives the impression of a warm and comfortable residence.

High design of the small living room


High accents in this small and white living room make the design look slicker and more spacious. In addition to white, you can install long curtains that touch the floor for a large and airy living room.

Increase living room with plants as decor


Adding decoration to the small white living room will certainly increase the impression and attractiveness of the room. No need to include a lot of ornaments or other decorations, which will make the small living room feel stuffy. Place plants in the living room area for fresh and beautiful room accents. You can put it anywhere you think is nice and beautiful.

Pretty textures give volume to the white design


Usually, a room that has a one-color design will give the impression of monotony. Especially this small white living room. However, you can work around this by giving texture to the living room. Like the texture on the wall for example. This will give a voluminous living room accent and look airy and not boring.

Minimalist and measured items in the small living room


Functional and minimalist items and furniture are needed for a small living room. You can use the table or chair in the living room to have a dual function. Such under a sofa or chair can be used as a storage area for example.

Cozy with cushion for seating


Adding small things like cushions to the living room does not have too big an impact. However, this can certainly help improve aesthetics and comfort when sitting in the living room area. Use cushions that have matching or even contrasting colors for sofas or chairs in the living room.

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