2-Bedroom Simple House Design with LOFT 49sqm

2-Bedroom Simple House Design with LOFT 49sqm 

Homlovely.com -- Simple home design is still a favorite today. Because it looks simple but has an eye-catching feel. You can see these simple home design examples, to get a style that suits your taste!

Front View

Front View

Farmhouse style with more modern details. You can see how this beautiful arch gives dimension to the terrace and the entire facade of the house. There are no excessive decorations, but this circle can be a highlight that enhances the look!

Right Side View

Right View

Like a bungalow, this house has quite a few windows. The size also varies, according to the needs of each room. In addition, there is an exit door access that is placed on the side of the house, unlike the usual one at the back of the house. This will be perfect for homes that are on a hook.

High Ceiling

Rear and Left Side View

Because this house has an additional loft, it appears tall on one side. The roof design is also very interesting, with a sloping model, and has different level heights, to protect the house perfectly. The size is also quite wide, which is very well suited.

Open Space

Living Area

Of course, with a size of only 49 meters, this house needs to maximize the available space well. Hence the open space concept for the living room, which connects it with the dining room and kitchen. Thanks to the loft, there is a high ceiling that makes the atmosphere more pleasant.

Shelf below the Stairs

Space Under Stairs

This idea can also be applied to maximize the empty area under the stairs. You can customize a cabinet or shelf that suits this area. This shelf can be used as a place for electronic devices, storing cooking utensils and ingredients, or just to place decorations. A smart choice that is both functional and ideal for small homes.

Loft Bedroom

Loft Room

This loft space can be utilized as any space, lounge, warehouse, workspace and so on. But in this house it is used as an extra bedroom. The design is simple, with the cabinet used as a railing. 

Floor Plan

Floor Plan

 This house is consist facilities of:

- Porch

- Living, Dining and Kitchen Area with Open Space

- 2 Bedrooms on ground floor

- 1 Bathroom

- Plus 1 Bedroom on LOFT

Then to make a house like this will roughly require an estimated cost of around +-1.1M php for standard finishing only, quite affordable for a compact and ideal house. Of course, this cost may vary depending on your area, and many other factors as well. So consult with an expert to get an appropriate budget estimate at this time. 

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Author : Rieka

Editor : Munawaroh

Source : Youtube Philein BudgetHomes

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