Bohemian Apartment Decor Ideas Are Small-Space Approved

 Homlovely.comSmall dwellings due to limited land are certainly very troublesome. However, there are some tips and tricks that can be tried for a comfortable residence even though it is small and narrow. Let's see the review below for details.

Living room area

The minimalist design in the living room gives a comfortable impression. With a sofa bed letter L, you can place the cabinet as well as the TV in front of the seating area. Moreover, the living room area close to the window certainly makes the room feel comfortable because of the good air and sufficient light.

Balcony spot

The small balcony area also requires the right design and arrangement. No need for a lot of furniture or items to be placed in this small balcony area. Simply place furniture according to size and also make a mini garden for a fresh balcony.

Dining room

Although located in the corner, this dining room area looks chic and comfortable with the right arrangement. The dominant wood element makes the dining room feel fresh and natural. Install a carpet at the bottom for a warm accent. Use matching colors so that the dining room looks stylish and eye-catching.


Workspace is inseparable from the minimalist design even though it is in a small and narrow area. Coupled with the window, it makes this workspace area feel comfortable and has pretty good lighting.


Bohemian-style design appears in this bedroom area. With chic shades of cream and chocolate, making the bedroom design look chic and stunning.

Indoor garden

Making a small garden in an indoor area is certainly very good. In addition to giving a fresh impression between brown and cream colors in the Bohemian theme, the presence of plants also provides many benefits for residents.

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