37.5 SQM Tiny Wooden House Design | 2 Bedrooms For Small Family

37.5 SQM Tiny Wooden House Design | 2 Bedrooms For Small Family 

Homlovely.com -- Have you ever imagined how a small 37 Sqm lot can become a 2-bedroom house? This house has a size of 5x7.5 meters for the main building. Let's check the details, how this house design can be so interesting to look at!

Modern Design

Front View

A very trendy modern design is well applied to this one house. A contemporary design with a box-shaped facade, the house becomes more attractive and eye-catchy! However, the minimalist concept is indeed very suitable for a small house like this.

Flat Roof

Top View

This is a view of the house from the top side. A simple design, with a flat roof. Both the model and the maintenance type are quite simple. The price is also quite affordable, very suitable for your budget. To make it more attractive, this roof is made with 2 layers, with one large layer for the main building, and a smaller layer for the additional terrace area.

Amazing Details

Corner Side View

However, this house looks elegant despite its small size. Impressive details with just the right amount of organization. You can see the details of the wood material that adorns almost the entire exterior of this house. Note also the small details such as the hidden lamp on the ceiling or the wall lamp, very lovely.

Cozy Terrace


Although the facade of the house is a modern box, it actually applies several other home design concepts. For example, with a spacious terrace, this is similar to the design of a bungalow house, but of course in a more modern touch. The spacious terrace from the front to the side of the house, will be a comfortable place for you to rest. can also be used as a semi-outdoor living room with a new atmosphere.

Matching Colors


While the exterior features neutral colors such as gray and earthy tones, the interior feels more varied. The interior of this bedroom is an example. Using dark blue with a mix of gray and brown, instead of feeling gloomy and dark, it feels elegant and luxurious. Of course, the room decoration and arrangement also have a very big role in this.

Full Facilites

Room Layout 

This house is consist of :

- Additional Terrace

- Living Area and Kitchen

- 2 Bedrooms

- 1 Bathroom

Detailed Floor Plan

Floor Plan

This is an image of the house plan complete with its size. The main building is 5x7.5 meters, but if calculated with the addition of the terrace, the overall size is 8x8.5 meters. Of course, you can make this house design as a reference for making a house, even with a different land size. Hope you like it!

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Author : Rieka

Editor : Munawaroh

Source : Youtube Cozy Woodnest

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