Tiny House Design 48 SQM 2-Storey Plan

Tiny House Design 48 SQM 2-Storey Plan 

Homlovely.com -- Not everyone can afford to own or buy a large piece of land to build a cozy home. But don't worry because there are many ways that can be used. Even on a small plot of land, this "Tiny House Design 48 SQM 2-Storey Plan" is a perfect example!

Two-storey House

Front View

This is the front view of the house. From here we can see the modern minimalist style used for the exterior of the house. Because it has limited land, this house was made into a 2-storey house, so that it can utilize the space more optimally to get complete facilities. There is no terrace but there is a balcony that can be a cozy place to relax.

Many Windows

Side View of The House

Because of its small size, it is made to have many windows, so that the circulation of the inside of the house can be better. The windows are also very functional to provide sunlight into the house. To ensure that the atmosphere of the house is not cramped, damp and dark.

Simple Design

Rear View

This house also does not use much decoration on the exterior. Only the front part looks dimensional with a beautiful mix of colors and various other decorations. Meanwhile, the sides and back look simpler. This house also uses a sloping roof model that is simple and quite affordable, suitable for the concept of the house.

Ground Floor

Ground Floor Plan

The ground floor is used for common rooms such as the living room, kitchen, dining room and bathroom. This house also seems to maximize the space very well. The empty corners and sides such as the bottom of the stairs have a function and are not ignored.

Second Floor

Second Floor

This house has 2 bedrooms, thanks to the 2-story house design. The size of each room is also more spacious, because it is specifically located on the 2nd floor area. The unique thing that we can see is the creation of a unique wardrobe because it is in the middle between the two rooms, and the design does not protrude from the wall. So it looks clean and neat. There is also a balcony here.

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Author : Rieka

Editor : Munawaroh

Source : Youtube OBRA NI JUAN

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