Stunning and Elegant Brick House

 Homlovely.comThe use of red brick also helps make the house look elegant and chic. The right combination of white gives the house a relaxed and serene atmosphere. Here is a 2-story house with red brick elements that will make anyone feel at home to live in it.

Stunning exterior

The right combination of white paint and red brick material makes an interesting impression. Although it looks bold, this house also looks simple but still elegant. Firm and precise lines give the impression of a strong-looking house.

Surround with plants

In addition to beautifying the building which will make it attractive, you can plant some trees or plants around the house. Besides being able to increase beauty, the presence of plants around the house also helps the dwelling have a soothing environment.

Living room area

The living room which has a concept without partitions is designed neatly and pleasantly. Coupled with the location close to the stairs, there are also indoor plants, making the room fresher. Do not forget to make a window wide enough so that the living room area can access sunlight to go inside.

Bedroom design

The bedroom is quite spacious and has access to the balcony area or yard makes the area look comfortable. Coupled with private bathroom facilities, it will make residents feel comfortable and feel more private.

Get good lighting

Although it has many openings, no doubt you have to pay attention to the lighting inside this red brick house. Install the lights according to their place so that the room feels more comfortable and does not seem dark and gloomy.

Indoor garden around the stairway

Creating an indoor garden is certainly a pleasant and profitable thing for residents. Besides being able to beautify the room, the existence of an indoor garden also helps to make the dwelling feel healthier with reduced pollutants.

Author : Yuniar

Editor : Munawaroh

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