Modern and Luxury Small Home Idea with 3 Bedroom + Floor Plan -- A house with a luxurious style and appearance does give confidence and makes the house look more attractive. The following are home design ideas for those of you who like a luxurious and modern look. For details, check out Modern and Luxury Small Home Idea with 3 Bedroom + Floor Plan.



House facade design

 The front facade of this house has an interesting structure and makes it appear more unique and different in a positive context. At first glance, this house has a bungalow facade with a more modern touch. It also has an elevation design to make it safer and cleaner.


Living room design

After opening the main door, there is a living room with a sofa that was chosen with a minimalist design to give a clean look. For a more powerful touch, the choice of marble-toned flooring is an attractive choice. In addition, for the decoration, there is a vertical indoor garden that is neatly arranged and fresh.

Kitchen design

Next is the kitchen, which has a white kitchen set with a clean and elegant look. For an interesting touch, there is a hidden LED strip placed on the kitchen cabinet. In addition to having a spacious room, this kitchen also has a spacious back glass door and will be a cool access to the back porch to relax.

Bedroom design

This bedroom design looks cozy and functional with a bed, wardrobe, and desk. The arrangement of furniture is very important so that a large room does not look cramped. The presence of a large window is also important for the comfort of this bedroom.

Floor plan design

For 11 x 12 meters, with a luxurious and modern look, it will give a more impressive impression because it is not too large. It has a front and back porch, living area, dining area, kitchen, bathroom, and 3 bedrooms. See the detailed floor plan and size in the picture above.

Author    : Hafidza
Editor     : Munawaroh
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