7 Ideas of Minimalist Balcony for Apartment and Small Home

 Homlovely.comHaving a balcony in an apartment or small house is certainly a pleasant thing. Besides being able to enjoy the surrounding environment from the balcony area, of course, you can enjoy and relax on the balcony.

Balcony and plants


Nicely decorating the balcony is a must. However, you must make sure to design and decorate the balcony area appropriately to avoid a messy and shabby impression. Most often the balcony is decorated along with plants that will form a fresh tiny garden.

Get transparent railing


Wearing a transparent fence on the balcony area will certainly give the impression of a clean and airy balcony. However, make sure to use material that is strong enough and will not harm you.

Little touch of wooden material on the balcony


Combining natural materials on the balcony will certainly make them feel more attractive. Besides being able to give a natural impression, the presence of wood or other natural materials also helps the balcony look fresher and makes those who visit here feel calm.

Simple elongated balcony


Although it has a fairly small width, this balcony area has an elongated design. Equipped with wooden floors, you don't need to bother to put furniture or elaborate decorations on this balcony. Just place one plant for a slick and stylish finish.

Boho vibes on the balcony


Boho's design never fails. Whether it's in a small or large area, this Boho-style design looks slick and stunning. And of course, it can improve the impression and atmosphere of the small balcony area in your apartment.

Minimalist and simple item on the balcony


Although the balcony has a medium or large size, you need to consider placing items or decorating this area. Use efficient and functional materials. So it will make it easier for you when you want to redesign or do maintenance.

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