Compact Simple House Design 8m+ x 15m | 4 Bedrooms

Compact Simple House Design 8m+ x 15m | 4 Bedrooms -- Home design is not only needed to make the house look beautiful and attractive. Design also serves to maximize the use of land more optimally. Like the following house, with a size of 8x15 m, it can have up to 4 bedrooms. Very compact, right! Let's check the details below

Modern Design

Facade Design

This house carries a modern minimalist style that is current, both for the exterior and interior of the house. The application of this style can be seen on the facade of the house. With a trendy, very modern box shape with unique dimensions, complete with ornaments that further enhance its appearance! Check out the details such as the louvers and wall lights used.

Living Room

Living Room

As discussed earlier, not only the exterior, but the interior of this house also uses a modern minimalist style. A simple design with a combination of white and earthy tones that are very harmonious. Make the impression of a wider room while also being very cozy and warm. 

Neat Layout

Dining and Kitchen Area

Because this house has a fairly minimalist size and is not too spacious, the arrangement of space is very important. After measuring the room, and determining the furniture layout, it was time to choose the model. It would be better to choose furniture with simple, timeless, and functional models. 

Big Windows

Bedroom 1

What's interesting about this house is that it has many windows. But not only that, because the window model has a large size. In addition to making an attractive appearance, large windows are also very useful both for circulation and a source of sunlight, which makes the room more cozy.

Laundry Room

Laundry Room

The house also comes with a laundry room facility inside. This room also has quite complete facilities even though it is minimalist. There is a washing machine, cabinet, clothes basket, and also an ironing stand.

Floor Plan

Floor Plan

This house is consist of:

- Carport

- Living Area

- Dining and Kitchen Area

- Laundry Room

- 4 Bedrooms

- 2 Bathrooms

Roof Plan

To build a house like this would require an estimated cost of $35,000 - 44,000 USD.  This cost estimate is for standard finishing only. And this cost can vary depending on your area, and many other factors.

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