7 x 8 Meter Simple House Design with 2 Bedroom Box Type


Homlovely.com -- A simple house is defined as one with dimensions of 7 x 8 meters. The interior will also be large enough to accommodate the entire family. The main thing to ensure the comfort of each member of the house is complex facilities in the house. Check 7 x 8 Meter Simple House Design with 2 Bedroom Box Type.


 Design of the facade

This house has a simple facade and is the current option. The facade appears to be very complex and supports each element. Wood panels can be used on the walls of the house, and solid materials are used on the window and door frames. This residence has a large enough land area to be a park and still have all of the components of a residential house.


 View form the side

This house has vacated land space on the side of the facade. If desired, this could be a carport or garage area. A canopy can be added to keep it shady and prevent overheating. 

Roof Design

A precise box-shaped flat roof model is used in this house. Flat concrete material can be a modern and long-lasting option. You can make the facade look more harmonious and natural for the terrace or canopy by using complementary colors.

 Floor plan

This house's spatial arrangement appears to be very clear. Beginning with a distinct front area as a public space, such as a living room. Behind it is a dining room and a kitchen. With the open plan concept, this room is left uninsulated. has two bedrooms, one for the main room and one for the children, both of which are box rooms.

Open plan concept

The interior of this 7 x 8 meter house is open plan. There are three rooms: a living room, a dining room, and a kitchen. The design is still unique and minimalist, with matching colors that are warm and appear airy.

Design of a bedroom box

This room's bedroom is a box that is quite small in size. Loft beds are a good way to make the most of a small space. You can make it appear on point by adding a work desk.

Design kitchen

This elegant-looking L-shaped kitchen design is appealing. Elegant details include the use of wooden cabinets, granite countertops, and navy subway bevel ceramic backsplashes.

Bathroom design


The bathroom appears to be very clean and well-organized. The use of minimalist colors with a variety of motifs will make the bathroom more functional. Toilets, sinks, and shower rooms are all ideal for realizing the concept of a wet and dry bathroom.



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Editor       : Munawaroh
Source     : RS Arch Designs

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