Small House Design 3m x 6m with Loft - Free Floor Plan - Having a simple and quiet life is special. With a house that has a setting close to nature and also wears thoughtful elements and designs, it certainly provides its own comfort and is suitable for relaxing the body and soil from busyness. You can use the following review as inspiration for a comfortable and quiet residence.

Facade looks

Design in A-frame, the facade looks stunning with the large glass. And the side area can use for other functions that will bring comfortable to this small and limited house.

Side house looks

The side of the house is highlighted with a pretty outdoor kitchen and barbecue spot. Especially the yard in the side area is perfect for it. Just arrange this nicely for this area for stunning and pleasant to enjoy the meals and environment.

Kitchen details

The main room is designed without partitions which is very suitable for this small house. And the kitchen area is placed near the stairway into a loft area. You can use a linear kitchen table to save space. And then put some rack of the cabinet for storage and will make the kitchen tidy.

Loft bedroom

The bedroom is placed in the attic or loft area. Besides the bedroom, you can move the workspace in this area for focus and productivity when studying or working. Get minimized unimportant things to avoid narrow and messy effects.

Laundry spot

Place the laundry area in front of the bathroom area. Even in small and limited areas, it will make it stunning and comfortable to washing clothes

Ground floor plan

Below are the details of the ground floor plan in this 18 sqm house:

  • living room and kitchen area (4m x 3m)
  • bathroom (2m x 2.1m)
  • laundry area (2m x0.9m)
  • front patio and dining area (2m x 5m)
  • side patio or barbecue area (6m x 2m)

Loft floor plan

And for the loft area, there is a bedroom in this area. And for the size of this bedroom is 2.5m x 3m.

Author : Yuniar

Editor : Munawaroh

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