Relaxing & Practical use of Small Space (9 x 8 M) with 3 Bedroom - Low Cost House Design -- Building a house without having a design will probably be fatal because it is without estimates that can result in a mismatch between your wishes and the reality. The following is an inspiration for a home design with a distinctive look and a warm atmosphere for the family. For more design details, check out Relaxing & Practical use of Small Space (9 x 8 M) with 3 Bedroom - Low Cost House Design.

House facade design

This house design has a bungalow-style facade that makes it look very warm and has distinctive details such as the small staircase it has due to its elevation design. The porch is also equipped with a railing which is a safe feature for the owner. For the roof design, it uses a gable model that looks simple but lovely.

Floor plan detail

For a size of 9 x 8 meters, this house design has a room arrangement with a smart floor plan. Some of the rooms owned by this house design include a porch, living area, dining area, kitchen, public bathroom, laundry area, 2 bedrooms, 1 master bedroom equipped with a private bathroom. For detailed floor plan and size, check the picture above.

Porch design

Before entering the interior, this house has an attractive porch with the right size to be used as a relaxing area by adding some furniture such as a sofa, egg chair, and some small tables. This area will be the perfect spot to receive guests without having to enter the house so as to create a home that remains private.

Interior design

Now let's take a look at the interior design. The spacious look of the room is the first impression upon seeing it as it has no partitions and some areas seem to be very well organized and have convenient access. In this room, there is a living area, dining area, and kitchen. Some decorations also seem to be maximized on the wall area to keep it space saving.

Bedroom design

Of the three bedrooms that this house has, this is one of them. The small room looks cozy with the right arrangement in the corner of the room, leaving a space that feels very spacious. In addition, the window is presented with a large size that will maximize air circulation.

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