8.5x9 Meters Green Farmhouse, Tiny House Design Idea

8.5x9 Meters Green Farmhouse, Tiny House Design Idea 

Homlovely.com -- Do you love the quiet life in the beautiful countryside? A simple house design with a traditional tropical style? Then the following "8.5x9 Meters Green Farmhouse, Tiny House Design Idea" will blow you away. Let's check it out!

White and Green Combination

Front View

One of the highlights of this home design is the use of color combinations! Who would have thought that a white exterior color would pair so well with dark green. Making it even more harmonious with the plants around it. Oh, the touch of brown from the wood also makes it look harmonious and perfect!

Farmhouse Design

Side View

Farmhouses have a distinctive design. This minimalist facade with a blend of modern traditional styles has a large terrace area. There is no fence, but the terrace area is protected with a railing made of plaited wood. 

Cozy Terrace


A spacious terrace for relaxing is one of the advantages of this tiny house. The peaceful and cool atmosphere will make your rest time more valuable. You can place sofas, wooden chairs, coffee tables, and sofa swings like this. 

Open Space

Living Room

The open space concept is used for this small house to create a room that feels spacious. The living room and dining room to the kitchen are neatly arranged next to each other. If you look again, doesn't the interior of this house feel classic? Look at the wood-patterned ceiling, hanging fan, and also the wall with a distinctive curve. It's really beautiful!

Earthy Tone Color

Kitchen and Dining Room

The neutral and soft colors of earthy tones are suitable for small homes like this. Besides matching with almost any interior design style, earthy colors also have their own ambience. Combined with white, it will create a warm feel and a neat look. 

Bunk Bed

Kids Bedroom

This house is designed to have 2 bedrooms. In addition to the master bedroom, there is a child's bedroom which is quite small. Finally, a bunk bed was chosen for this bedroom. So that it can be used for 2 children. Very compact and space-saving!

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Author : Rieka

Editor : Munawaroh

Source : Youtube Modern Balai

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