Modern Bungalow House Design 6.5 x 8.5 Meters with Indoor Garden

Modern Bungalow House Design 6.5 x 8.5 Meters with Indoor Garden -- Today's growing house model includes many bungalow house designs with a modern appearance. In general, bungalow houses are frequently rented in tourist areas that are rural and have a simple appearance. However, the bungalow model house is now used as a residential design with a complete interior and a very qualified arrangement as a habitable House.Consider the following design details:

Detail facade

This bungalow house is lovely, with modern touches. Natural design incorporated more exterior elements, such as the use of fences and the use of contrast exposed cement walls. With precise vertical shapes, the details appear flexible. This house is ideal for use as a comfortable home for a family to live in.

Roof design

Modern bungalow houses not only have a detailed facade and model. but also from the choice of a half-sloping roof model with flat concrete in the front area. A lightweight concrete roof is an option because it is durable and can protect the interior of the house to the greatest extent possible.

Terrace layout

This is a detail of the house's terrace that becomes visually interesting the first time it is seen. Elegant terrace details in natural wood and stone shades. This large terrace can be used as a carport for a Home Garden. The more detailed terrace also has a nice look thanks to the use of the ceiling and intense lighting.

Indoor garden

In general, residential design only maximizes space. In contrast to this design, the modern bungalow house adds a garden between the living room and dining room. This garden will give the impression of being cool and fresh at home, in addition to serving a useful purpose for the house. Furthermore, this area is designed as a void area with a glass canopy for light optimization.

Kitchen and dining room

The kitchen and dining room are the most important areas in this house. With a linear table shape and modern furniture, the kitchen appears minimalist. made a connection between the dining room to make cooking and eating easier. The interior is bright and clean, creating the illusion of space despite its small size.

Design of  bedroom

Here's an example of an interesting master bedroom. This room also has a clean interior and a dominant wood material. The use of built-in storage maximizes the optimal room concept and makes it more practical.

 Detail plan

The plan above shows a detailed space for this bungalow house. It has front and rear access, making it very easy to get in and out. The interior of this bungalow house includes a carport, terrace, two bedrooms, a living room, a garden in the house, a kitchen and dining room, a bathroom, and a laundry room. The plan shows the dimensions of the structure.

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