Minimalist Modern House Design 8 x 13.5 Meters with 3 Bedroom

Minimalist Modern House Design 8 x 13.5 Meters with 3 Bedroom -- Modern minimalist home design is quite often the choice of many people. Starting from its fairly spacious size, the interior is voluminous in its correct arrangement. To rely on home design, you can follow the ideas on Minimalist Modern House Design (8 x 13.5 Meters with 3 bedrooms) below:

Facade design

The first part is the facade of the House. This elongated house model appears precise. The Shape of the facade is equally attractive for a simple modern house. Elements such as pillars and canopies are quite obvious as additional facade accessories.

Side view of the house

The size of 8 x 13.5 meters, which is quite spacious as the House will be very complete. Starting from the terrace, yard, garden, and carport. The side part is used for the carport to make it cleaner and look more spacious in front of the terrace. Exterior colors that are quite attractive can be combined with natural stone materials to make them warmer and more environmentally friendly.


 Top facade view

At the top, this house has a very neat detail. The gable roof model is combined with high-low tier accents, as seen. It also looks like there is no concrete under the carport to make it more attractive.The appearance of the roof facade of the house is increasingly modern and very clear in every detail.


 Floor plan



Details of the size of this house can be seen clearly in the picture. There are two access points on the front and side of the House. The living room is in the first area. Two bedrooms are placed at the front. The living room and TV room are made together to make it more spacious. The master bedroom is located at the back. There is also a dining room, bathroom, and laundry room to make it more comfortable.


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