Tiny House with Loft Ideas 6 x 8 Meters + 3 Bedroom


Tiny House with Loft Ideas 6 x 8 Meters + 3 Bedroom

Homlovley.com -- Having a tiny house on a small plot of land is quite impressive if the design is interesting. However, exceptional exterior and interior designs necessitate a concerted effort. Not only that, but the small size must maximize the land well in order to meet the space requirements. Consider the Tiny House with Loft Ideas 6 x 8 Meters + 3 Bedroom design.

Facade design

The facade of this tiny house is the first thing you notice. A distinct design with bold exterior details in warm brown color is quite dominant. 

Some natural stone wall combinations are also shown to meet the needs of the exterior and to create unique visuals. From the outside, this tiny house appears very small, but the extraordinary details can be seen.

House side detail

This is a side view of the house, which is still on the outside. There is an open roof that is also used for attic design. The needs of the house are numerous and can provide the necessary details for the family. Starting with laundry, gathering areas, and open kitchens, this area is used as a functional place. The spiral staircase is located on the back porch of the house for safety reasons.

Plan detail

With a size of 6 x 8 meters, this house has a detailed size and plan that is very typical for modern homes today. The main area serves as a bedroom, kitchen, and living room. The attic area can be used as a bed, and the outside area can be used to relax. The dimensions are shown in the image.

Layout of the living room

This small house employs an open concept with no partitions. The first area is the living room, which has interesting details and is clean and elegant. Using a TV cabinet for critical needs. The kitchen and living room are located at the far end of the space.

Loft design

The exterior of the house in the open roof section is shown. Very complicated for gathering activities or washing clothes. The next area is designated as a special bedroom with an en suite bathroom for the owner's convenience without having to go downstairs. Using glass windows to let in lots of light.

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